Carrier Services

Is your business looking to provide telecom services to clients?

If so, we can help.

Through our partner, Diallog Telecommunications, we can offer:

99.999% Network Reliability for Your Clients

We partner with multiple Tier 1 providers to deliver superior voice, internet and data services – delivered to your business with 99.999% network reliability.

Cross-Canada Network Availability

Because we partner with multiple Tier 1 carriers, we have a wider network reach than any other telecom company in Canada – including the biggest ones. That means Diallog can offer more telecom technologies and services where your clients needs them most.

Eliminate Your Client’s Telecom Waste

We help reduce costs and eliminate telecom waste.  We’ll eliminate telecom waste, provide ongoing auditing and resource management support, and help lower your client’s administrative costs.

Simplifed, Customized Billing

Your clients will have their telecom billing completed customized.  If they want all their telecom services on a single bill, or several bills sent to multiple branches, you’ll be able to provide it.  Your clients will be able to look at their phone bill and easily identify what it is (e.g. John Smith’s fax line), how much they’re paying for it, and whether they’re optimizing it’s usage.

White Label Partnership Program

Looking for another revenue source for your company, charity, union, association, or organization with large membership?

Look no further than our White Label Partnership Program.

We currently partner with multiple businesses and organizations across Canada that are looking to offer their customers, members, or tenants high quality-low cost telecom services.

You can offer all Diallog’s telecom services to your customers – including phone, internet, Long Distance, IP TV – and reap the rewards of a revenue-sharing partnership.

Our telecom services can be completely White Labelled with your brand, so they are simply an extension of the services that you already offer your end-users.

The phone bill can even have your company’s logo and branding on it.  But that’s not even the best part.  The invoice can even include custom messaging that you can create, whether it’s an announcement, important reminder, or a sales promo, it’s up to you.  Remember, everyone looks at their phone bill so it’s a great way to communicate with your tenants every month.

Our White Label Program is perfect for: