What is Klose?

Klose is a soon-to-be released invoicing, contact management, and social media all-in-one tool that helps businesses stay “Klose” to their customers and build better relationships.

There’s lots of choices for online billing, how is Klose different?

Indeed, there is a lot of choice when it comes to invoice and online billing platforms.  The problem with most of them, however, is that they are “process” focused and not “customer” focused.  You often have to look for the customer section, the data capture of customer screens are limited, and there’s limited communication mechanisms for connecting with customers.

In other words, these tools are not “customer-centric”.

Klose, on the other hand, is all about using invoicing as a means to build a better customer relationship.

How do you create a better customer relationship?

By knowing more about your customers.

How Klose helps you keep “Kloser” to you customer:

  • Get the latest blog, tweet, or LinkedIn update from your customer in their profile so you can keep connected 
  • Easy access to call records, conversations, and account history
  • Keep multiple contacts per customer so you know who to contact if you wanted to speak with someone in accounting, marketing, or sales
  • SIP phone technology that let’s you call your customer with a single click
  • Customer grading reports that let you know who your best customers are
  • Intelligent reporting capabilities that can identify what type of customers you should target (by industry, for example).

When Will Klose Be Available?

In late 2018, please contact us if you’re interested in signing up for our beta launch:
Email: info@getklose.com
Phone: TF 1-855-595-5673