Our Team


Chris Argiropulos, CEO 

Chris has over 20 years experience in the telecom and technology sector, having founded and led several successful businesses including Diallog Telecommunications, a national telecom company with coast-to-coast reach.  Chris firmly believes in delivering elegant solutions for the end-user, whether it’s a tool, software, or a process.  “I’m never one to start with technology, I start with the customer. Technology is merely a means to solve problems and create opportunities for customers.”

Born and raised in Toronto, Chris is a University of Guelph Alumni, a world traveller, and a die-hard hockey fan. 

James Uy, Chief Technology Officer

James is a seasoned IT professional, with over 20 years experience in the technology industry.  An expert in all things IT, James has led the development of several enterprise level software programs and platforms, including telecom OSS/BSS software, invoicing software, and mobile applications.  ”My approach to software development is very inclusive.  I want input from all areas of the business – marketing, customer service, sales – before I start a project.  That’s what’s always gotten me the best results, when it’s a total team effort.”

A basketball and sci-fi movie junkie, James has a degree in Computer Engineering from AMA University in the Philipinnes.

Robert Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer

Robert has 15 years of progressive marketing and communications experience in the technology, telecom, and insurance sectors.  “In all my years of experience, I’ve come to realize that online marketing really only boils down to three things: attracting people to your website, converting visitors into customers, and keeping and growing your customer base.  Attract, convert, and keep – it’s all about striking a balance between these three things.”

A proud father of two girls, old-movie buff, and big Blue Jays fan, Robert holds a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, and a BA from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Michael Grammer, General Counsel

Mike has over 13 years experience practicing in all areas of corporate commercial law.  His 10 years of service with various not-for-profit boards has helped broaden Mike’s experience and approach.  “I am definitely looking at this point in my career to help a company which is growing and where I have the chance to be more than ‘just the lawyer’.”

Mike has obtained his Piano Performance Associate’s designation from the Royal Conservatory of Music and still plays regularly.  A rabid movie fan, Mike is equally at home discussing fine wine and food, swing dance techniques, tennis grand slams, photographic projects and montages, exotic travel destinations and the relative merits of your fantasy hockey, baseball and football teams.

Arik Greenberg, Managing Developer

Arik has 20+ years experience is the development of large scale, multi-tiered applications on various platforms.  He holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Rostov State University.  Married for almost 30 years with three children, Arik is a accomplished Jazz pianist, loves Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson and Brian Simpson.

Stan Loyola, Business Development

Stan has a proven track record for business development and sales success.  With over 25 years in the technology and telecom industry, Stan has helped grow his businesses again and again with successful sales strategies.

Chris Barnes, Senior Developer

Chris has several years experience with object-oriented development, SQL, and building online software and applications.  Always using a “user first” approach to development, Chris is a music and baseball enthusiast who’s also an adventurist when it comes to sampling craft brews.

Anne Vaiciunas, Creative Director

Anne has 10 years experience in traditional and digital marketing.  Her areas of expertise include: web design, email marketing, social media, print design and management, and event coordination.

Athena Zorbas, Manager Customer Experience

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